Dynamic simulator of a reciprocating compressor interfaced either with a steady piping system (ideal interface) or with a reacting piping system, analysed with ACUSYS.

Simulation of pressure pulsation in fluid plants. API 618 pressure pulsation analysis. API 674 pressure pulsation analysis. Calculation of shaking forces in piping. Design of pressure pulsation dampeners. FIV - Flow induced vibrations analysis.

Dynamic simulator of car suspension test bench, to optimise the programmed sequence of dynamic motion input at the wheel supports.

Reverse dynamic simulator, to derive force-slip relationships (CARPET diagrams) of automotive tyres from prototype road tests.

Satellite Health monitoring by means of Machine Learning.

Dynamic mechanical-thermal simulator of the clutch system.

Simulation of clutch mechanical behaviour.

Dynamic simulation of gas compression plants

Dynamic simulation of steam plants

Dynamic simulator of automotive air conditioning systems.

A software for the real time simulation of automotive hvac refrigeration cycles

Simulator of a car engine-clutch-gear-transmission and vehicle dynamics for the design of the automatic gear control.

A data analysis and signal based system identification tool.

A dynamic simulator for single-phase flow in piping & plants.

A static and dynamic mechanical simulator.

Simulation of a three phase (gas-oil-water) separator for crude oil processing plants.

Coal power plant simulator

Simulation of transonic gas dynamics in low pressure gas systems.

Tools for automotive on & off-board diagnostics.

Dynamic simulator of gas turbines thermodynamics and mechanics.

A real-time dynamic simulator of full gas turbine plants

A simulation tool for heat exchanges calculation.

Trajectory Miner Tool for spatio-temporal trajectory data mining.

Sate offers many services to aid the customers in the electronical design, test and debug phases of data and diagnostic networks within the vehicles.