SATE can provide system engineering consultancy services for the development of marine technologies.

Among the works done by SATE in this filed, it is mentioned the participation to the Eurodocker project (1998-2001, A Universal Docking Downloading Recharging System for AUVs) for the development of a universal subsea docking station for Autonomous Underwater vehicles (AUV).

Another example of systems consultancy work performed by SATE regards the study on rescue systems for submarines in a state of emergency.

The most recent project performed in this field consisted in the study on the technical and economic feasibility of a hybrid zero emission passenger boat for the public transport, having similar characteristics and performances as the Venetian 'Vaporetto', considered as a reference model in the world.

117C - Coordination of the qualification procedure for a ITER/F4E call for tender related to the supply of gaseous Helium storage vessels - 2013, Dec.

42C - Technological review of deepwater mooring systems and materials - 2002, Oct.-Nov.

41C - Integrated submarine personnel rescue system analysis . Identification of current capabilities and definition of new systems to increase capability and availability - 2002, Sep.-2003, Apr.

35C - State of the Art of AUVs study performed for one of the major offshore operations companies - 2001, Nov.-Dec.

24C - VTMIS (Vessel Traffic Management and Information System). Acting Project Manager for the Interreg II project on behalf of the client - 2000, Jan.-Dec.

8C - Assessment of innovative technologies and techniques for the bathymetric survey of Venice waterways and advice on the call for tender following the EC 92/50 regulation - 1994, Sep.-1995, Jan.

5C - Engine and propulsion system data acquisition on board Venice water-bus and feasibility study of a hybrid Diesel-electric system for the reduction of exhausts emissions and fuel consumption - 1993, Nov.-1994, May