Licence of CONDIZ4HIL-RC, real time software simulator of the refrigeration cycle of vehicles HVAC.

Client: Renowned vehicles OEM


The scope of the work described in this outline is that of providing an application software to the Client, which simulates vehicles HVAC systems.
The software is deployed as an S-function for the SIMULINK® 1 environment, with supporting input assignment, preprocessing and plotting scripts and thermodynamic maps of the fluids of interest.
The S-function runs either offline as a standalone model or as part of a broader model, e.g. real time hardware in the loop (HIL) rapid prototyping systems based on a custom specific dSpace GmbH supporting platform.
The results obtained can be plotted, saved and compared with experimental data as well as with other simulations by exploiting the powerful MATLAB environment.
The suffix RC version stands for "refrigeration cycle", i.e. the subsystem of the broader CONDIZ4HIL limited to the refrigerant fluid circuit, cycle and heat exchange with air, but not including the air circulation and passenger compartment thermal and fluid dynamics.
Some of the model parameters, typically empirical coefficients or functions specific of the vehicle or HVAC components characteristics, were tuned on the basis of experimental data provided by the Client.

1 MATLAB and SIMULINK are products by Mathworks Inc. (Natick, Mass, USA). They are a powerful mathematical numerical environment and simulation platform, suitable for multidisciplinary models development and implementation both as desktop and real time operation in embedded systems.


Input data received from the Client

Raw input parameters to be used as tunable design data

Detailed description of the Client data files to be integrated with SATE loading and preprocessing code

Input and output signals to be used as interface between the model and the ECU

MATLAB®, SIMULINK® and RTW® platform version to be used for the delivered S-functions

Precision on which the model shall run

Any platform memory limitation that may impact the model delivery

Main technical activities performed by S.A.T.E.

Model parameters tuning service for one or more subsystems case, based on signals and data supplied by the Client

Integration of Client engineering data files with the input procedure

Model customization and S-function deploy

Output delivered to the Client

S-function of the CONDIZ4HIL-RC SIMULINK® model

Set-up, data logging and pre-processing scripts

Technical documentation: User manual, technical report describing the model parameters tuning results, technical report describing the model features and the typical plots obtained with the data available

Assistance to integration tests


The main competences that were needed to perform the job are in the following fields:

  1. Thermodynamics and fluid dynamics
  2. Machines and process simulation
  3. Car subsystems modeling (in particular HVAC)
  4. Real-time models
  5. Advanced use of the MATLAB/SIMULINK®  environment