OnBoard Diagn & DataNetwork

Design, development and test of data networks and related e/e components.

Client: Renowned vehicles OEM.


In this job, S.A.T.E. assisted the Client from the very beginning of the process of designing, developing, testing and debugging data network and diagnostic functionalities of the vehicle.
In detail, S.A.T.E. supported the Client in the prototype phase and in the pre-production and production phases, performing:

  • Definition and review of technical and functional specifications of the on-board data network and network nodes, through the definition of the CAN messages catalogue
  • HW and SW components identification and selection of suppliers for the integration of immobilizer and antitheft functions
  • Definition and review of technical and functional specification of vehicle diagnostic features for OBD functionalities: design, specification, test and debug of the vehicle Gateway/Bridge to allow information exchange with different protocols, such as CAN/K-line and CAN/CAN FD protocols
  • Test and measure the electric parameters of analogue and digital signals using tools for both  HW and SW debugging and test:
    '¢   Signal integrity
    '¢   Adherence to the specification
    '¢   Performance and timing
  • ECU re-programming and coding to allow efficient software download into ECUs, and ECU integration in the production line process, to allow a smooth and efficient interaction between all the modules and components involved during the production phase.


Input data received from the Client

Client requirements

Hardware components to be tested for compliance with requirements

Main technical activities performed by S.A.T.E.

Definition of technical and functional specifications of the vehicle data network and diagnostic functionalities (e.g. protocols)

Tests and measurements to hardware electronic components to verify functional requirements

On-site support at the production lines

Output delivered to the Client

Support to the Client in the data network design

Tests and measurements reports


The main competences that were needed to perform the job are in the following fields:

  1. Design, development, test and debug of data network and diagnostic functionalities of a vehicle
  2. ECU re-programming and integration in production lines
  3. Electronic devices (Dashboard, Antitheft, Immobilizer system, Electronic Key, HVAC system)
  4. Customized instrumentation for advanced data logging
  5. Serial protocols (ISO 14230, ISO 11898-2, ISO 11898-3, ISO 15765, J1939)