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SDS - SATE DIAGNOSTIC SOLUTIONS is a comprehensive suite for:

  • on-board / on-site diagnostics (SEW-AID™, Tyre Monitoring™, TTyre Plus™, TTyre Plus2™, TTyre Plus Racing™, TTyre Plus Tuning Service),
  • remote verification of vehicle prototype tests (CANpanion™),
  • vehicle driver behaviour detection.

The suite is centered on the data acquisition, preprocessing and functions modeling software developed by SATE, implemented as embedded applications on either proprietary design hardware platform (e.g. SEW-AID™) or commercial ultramobile PCs (in CANpanion™) or personal digital assistants (PDAs).
All these devices are interfaced with the field bus (CANbus or others, for different industrial fields), via USB or WiFi connection, with the GPS receiver and sensors through USB and/or Bluetooth connection.

The SDS technology that was implemented, by subsequent evolutions, in various SATE products (SEW-AID™, CANpanion™, CANpanionTools™, CANpanionConfigurator™) is innovative as it:

  • allows the acquisition, correlation and processing of signals on both time and space basis, thanks to uniform and standardized integration of different kinds of sensors, including commercial GPS receivers, in a unique CANbus compatible message set, using either wireless (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) or wired (CAN, USB) connection.
  • makes available advanced dynamic systems modeling and diagnostic functionalities, so far restricted to research and desktop computing, to the level of onboard processing on low cost platform, suited to installation and operation on commercial mobile (cars) or in-field systems (stationary machinery and plants), i.e. not restricted to systems prototyping.
  • generates and interpretates models output to provide warning on faults symptoms onset, or on evolving anomalies (e.g. lube oil, cooling, actuation systems, etc.), i.e. it performs model based predictive diagnosis.
  • allows highly automated, minimum setup wiring, and remotely manageable data acquisition, transfer, storage, delivery and advice to user, for more efficient prototype tests and engineers feedback.
  • is highly flexible and suited for easy reconfiguration for different vehicles (types and models), integration with new sets of sensors.

Its uniqueness stems particularly from having tailored and tested the implemented models to specific subsystems of production cars (gearbox, clutch, alternator, cooling system), in order to obtain adequate robustness of the diagnostic algorithms, based on either statistical, “black box” models (Neural Networks, State Space, etc.), or specific “transparent box” models (based on physical-mathematical equations).


A flexible and powerful platform for car prototyping tests and engineering desktop delivery of logged data.


Post processing tools for the automatic generation of excel based reports of the acquisition sessions and the analys of data acquired by the CANpanion™ main product.



Tool for the generation of custom configuration profiles for the CANpanion™ main product.



SATE-EDI-WEST - Autonomous integrated diagnostics for predictive onboard fault detection.





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