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SATE’s DRIVERTutor™ SUITE (SDTS™) is an integrated architecture of hardware (HW) and software (SW) modules to assist vehicle drivers in achieving a safe, comfortable, and fuel/energy saving style.

The SDTS™ can be configured in a variety of solutions to meet user’s and vehicle’s requirements.

The SDTS™ is addressed to:

  • Truck drivers and fleet managers
  • Bus and coaches drivers and fleet managers
  • Driving and emergency services drivers (e.g. ambulances)
  • Driving schools trainees and trainers
  • Cars and motorcycles racing teams
  • Private cars and motorcycles drivers

Therefore the SDTS™ is suited, but is not limited, to be applied to the following target vehicles:

  • Trucks;
  • Buses and coaches;
  • Cars;
  • Motorcycles.

The SDTS™ is composed of the following hardware platforms:

  1. Consumer Windows CE based platform such as PDA (CAN-Read Only Platform – Type I)
  2. Consumer Windows XP based platform such as Ultra mobile PC (CAN-Read Only Platform – Type II)
  3. Custom or commercial embedded based HW (CAN-Read Only Platform – Type III)

 These platforms assure a great flexibility on the system architecture to be deployed to the customer in order to meet meeting the user needs and the specific target vehicle’s requirements.

Each of the above platforms allows connecting to the CANbus of the vehicle assuring network data integrity, i.e. no writing access (read only mode) to the network preventing any corruption or data generation.

The SDTS™ includes a variety of applications aiming at improving driving performances which embrace a wide range of characterizations taking shape into different products.

The current available products in the SDTS™ are:

  1. Tyre Monitoring - A software module for the sensorless estimation of vehicle tyres temperature, pressure and deflation:
    • TTyre - for vehicle tyres temperature sensorless monitoring.
    • TTyre Plus™ - for vehicle tyres temperature and pressure sensorless monitoring.
    • TTyre Plus2 - for vehicle tyres temperature, pressure sensorless monitoring and tyre delfation estimation.
    • TTyre Plus Racing™ - for vehicle tyres temperature and pressure offline predictive estimation.
    • TTyre Plus Tuning Service - Services for optimizing tyre temperature and pressure estimation tools.
  2. DRIVERAdvisor – a software module for improving the driving style and decreasing fuel consumption and CO2 emission.
  3. DRIVERAssistant - an on-board tool giving assistance to drivers for enhancement of driving style.
  4. DRIVERInstructor – a SW module for the automatic evaluation of the driver behavior to support driving teaching.
  5. Fuel Consumption Monitoring - an on-board platform for fuel consumption optimization and fleet management.

 These technologies were developed within the project Driver Tutor - Experimental development of diagnostic systems applied to vehicles driving, which was funded by the "POR - Obiettivo Competitività regionale e occupazione. Parte FESR Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale 2007-2013. Asse 1. Azione 1.1.2.

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