Vehicle Networking

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SATE supports OEMs and vehicle system integrators in the whole process of designing, developing, testing and debugging data network and diagnostic functionalities of the vehicle.

SATE assists its customer from the very beginning of the process, starting from the definition of the technical and functional requirements and specifications, the selection of suppliers, the design review of the proposed solution and the verification of the adherence of the design to the actual implemented solution.

In particular SATE provides the following services:

  • Definition of technical and functional specifications for nay electronic unit
  • Design review of electrical drawings /schematics and layout)
  • Definition, test and debug of CAN messages
  • Definition, test and debug of diagnostic functionalities, like Flash memory reprogramming and standard OBD requriments
  • Definition, test and debug of Immobilizer devices
  • Electrical measurements of analogue and digital signals to verify:
    • Signal integrity
    • Adherence to the specification
    • Performance

SATE experience spans not only the Engine Management, ABS, traction control and cluster system but also the Body Control, HVAC, Car Infotainment and doors management system.

SATE already provided these service using the following communication protocols and systems:

Serial Protocols:

  • ISO 14230 (K-line)
  • ISO 11898-2 (CAN bus High Speed)
  • ISO 11898-3 (CAN bus Low Speed)
  • ISO 15765 (CAN bus diagnostic protocol)
  • J1939 (CAN bus application Layer for buses and trucks)

Electronic Systems:

  • Dashboard
  • Antitheft
  • Immobilizer
  • Electronic Key
  • Gateway Unit (bridge between different protocols)

Vehicle Networking - Services to aid the customers in the electrical design, test and debug of data and diagnostic networks within vehicles.

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