Automotive Simulation Tools

Written by SATE
Thursday, 03 September 2009 19:41

These products, mostly based on a MATLAB/Simulink architecture, can be used as self standing tools, as well as be included in a wider simulation environment. Upon request SATE can customise these products, or design new tools to respect customer specifications. User manuals (in English or Italian) are included, and training, both on-site or at SATE's premises, is provided on request.


BENCHDynamic simulator of car suspension test bench, to optimise the programmed sequence of dynamic motion input at the wheel supports.
CARPETReverse dynamic simulator, to derive force-slip relationships (CARPET diagrams) of automotive tyres from prototype road tests.
CLUTCHDynamic mechanical-thermal simulator of the clutch system.
CLUTCHMECHSimulation of clutch mechanical behaviour.
CONDIZDynamic simulator of automotive air conditioning systems.
DRIVESimulator of a car engine-clutch-gear-transmission and vehicle dynamics for the design of the automatic gear control.
THERBOXSimulation tool for hear exchanges calculation.











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