Power systems and separation processes

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Thursday, 03 September 2009 19:43


These products, based on a MATLAB/Simulink architecture, can be used as self standing tools, as well as be included in a wider simulation environment. Upon request SATE can customise these products, design new tools to respect customer specifications, or provide consultancy services performing the simulations in-house and supplying only the results. User manuals (in English or Italian) are included, and training, both on-site or at SATE's premises, is provided on request.


3-PHSEPSimulation of a three phase (gas-oil-water) separator for crude oil processing plants
CPPSCoal power plant simulator
2PHSEPCalculation of gas - liquid separation process parameters and residence time for two phase separators
2PHVFLOWCalculation of Taitel map boundaries for multiphase gas-liquid flows in vertical pipes
CCDIESELSimulator of a closed cycle diesel engine, with cryogenic liquefaction of exhaust gases
MVD8Simulator of diesel engines thermodynamic cycle and performances










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