Thermodynamics and other simulation tools

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Thursday, 03 September 2009 19:44

These products, mostly based on a MATLAB/Simulink architecture, can be used as self standing tools, as well as be included in a wider simulation environment. Upon request SATE can customise these products, or design new tools to respect customer specifications. User manuals (in English or Italian) are included, and training, both on-site or at SATE's premises, is provided on request.


Dynamic simulator of automotive air conditioning systems


A software for the real-time simulation of automotive HVAC refrigeration cycles
THERBOX Dynamic simulator of a generic closed/semiopen enclosure with several objects (solid or hollow) exchanging heat by radiation, convection and conduction
GASMIX Calculation of air, combustion products and natural gas pure components and mixtures thermodynamic and transport properties
GR_PIPE Heat transfer calculation between a pipe and the surrounding conductive solid medium; for grounded pipelines
PIPFLOOD Simulation of transient flooding by natural convection of an open end(s) generic pipeline immersed in a fluid different from that initially filled-in
TGSIM Dynamic simulator of gas turbines thermodynamics and mechanics










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