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ACUSCOMP (600K)   A program for the simulation of recips cycles, pressure pulsations and transients in piping & plants 
ACUSYS (70K)   A simulator of pressure pulsations in piping & plants 
COMPSYS (105K)   Dynamic simulation of gas compression plants
COMPSYS MC (270K)   Dynamic simulation of steam plants 
COAL POWER PLANT SIMLUATOR (90K)   A simulator of coal power plant
PNEUMA (105K)   A program for the simulation of compressible gas dynamics in piping and actuation systems
TGSIM (260K)   A program for the simulation of gas turbine power generators
3phsep (100K)   Dynamic simulation of oil-gas separation plants
Cut-off of acoustic pulsations in a CO fuelled Boiler (250K)   SATE solved a sever vibration problem in a refinery boiler combustor





BENCH (95K)   A program for the simulation of car suspension test benches
CANpanionTM (300K)   A flexible and powerful platform for car prototyping tests and engineering desktop delivery of logged data
CANpanionConfiguratorTM (390K)   Tool for the generation of custom configuration profiles for the CANpanionTM main product
CANpanionToolsTM (380K)   Post processing tools for the automatic generation of excel based reports of the acquisition sessions and the analysis of data acquired by the CANpanionTM main product
CARPET (105K)   A program for evaluating the automotive tyre behaviour by reverse dynamics
CLUTCH (170K)   A program for the simulation of clutch thermal behaviour
CLUTCH-MECHTM (170K)   A program for the simulation of clutch mechanical behaviour
CONDIZ (145K)   A program for the simulation of automotive air conditioning systems
CONDIZ-RC (300K)   A software for the real-time simulation of automotive HVAC refrigeration cycles
DRIVE (70K)   A program for the simulation of automotive drivetrains
DRIVERadvisorTM (250K)   An on-board platform for improving the driving style and decreasing fuel consumption and CO2 emission
DRIVERadvisorTM_iPAQ (ITA) (190K)   DRIVERadvisorTM running on a PDA
THERBOX (220K)   A simulation tool for heat exchanges calculation
Tyre MonitoringTM (230K)   Software technologies for vehicle tyres temperature and deflation sensorless monitoring





GPMAS (400K)   A data analysis and signal based system identification tool
MAGIC (320K)   Multi-agents-based diagnostics data acquisition and management in complex systems
SEW-AIDTM (250K)   Autonomous integrated diagnositcs for predictive onboard fault detection




EURODOCKER (310K)   A universal docking, downloading and recharging system for AUV's
LIUTO (550K)   Low Impact Urban Transport water Omnibus
SOAVE (450K)   Subsea Operation with Autonomous VEhicles
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