14R - Acusys 6 - Compsys 5 - 2012-2013

In the project “Advanced simulators for pumping and compressing machines”, funded by the “POR - Obiettivo competitività regionale e occupazione. Parte FESR Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale 2007-2013. Asse 1. Azione 1.1.3" the new versions of ACUSYS (version 6) and COMPSYS (version 5) were developed.

ACUSYS is a simulation software, based on the MATLAB® / SIMULINK® environment, which simulates the dynamic response of the fluid medium in a plant. The fluid can be either liq­uid, gas or dispersed biphase, and the analysis is carried out in frequency and time domain.

ACUSYS provides the acoustic pressure, mass flow rate and shaking forces at piping joints and bends as response to multiple sta­tionary inputs. It also performs the time domain analysis of transients and allows simulating and verifying the “water hammer effect” during transients in hydraulic systems. The outputs are delivered in form of plots versus time, plots versus frequency, Excel tables, 3D graphs.

The new ACUSYS 6 has the following features:

  • automatic generation of the plant model starting from the input data file;
  • easy-to-understand denomination of the plant sections in the output plots;
  • availability of a module, called MechDyn, for the mechanical analysis of the piping (natural frequencies, vibrating modes, deformation under the shanking forces).

COMPSYS is a simulation software, based on the MATLAB® / SIMULINK® environment, which simulates the dynamic behaviour of a plant with centrifugal and axial flow compressors. The fluid can be either single-phase or multi-phase, and the plant is modelled together with its control system.

COMPSYS provides the pressure, mass flow rate, temperature, volume, power, speed, valve opening and other magnitudes of interest for the various plant elements. Indeed a complete analysis of the plant is performed, and the outputs are delivered in easy-to-understand plots versus time.

The new COMPSYS 5 has the following features:

  • more accurate modelling of the heat exchange in the volume blocks;
  • availability of a module, called HydroDyn, for the simulation of  a single-phase liquid systems.

ACUSYS and COMPSYS, together with the independent modules MechDyn and HydroDyn, are used by SATE as a tool for engineering services provided to cus­tomers who wish not to enter the functions and details of the programs. In this case the results of the simulations are produced in the form of reports, with comments and specifications for plant modifica­tions.

ACUSYS - A simulator of pressure pulsations in piping & plants.

HydroDyn - A dynamic simulator for single-phase flow in piping and plants.