7R - MAGIC - 2001-2004

Multi-agent based diagnostics for complex systems

General Purpose Mathematical Application Server - GPMAS
Radial Basis Function Neural Network Diagnostic Agent - RBFNN_DA
Dynamic Functional-Link Neural Network-based Diagnostic Agent - DFLNN_DA
Diagnostic Decision Agent - DDA
Decision Support Agent - DSA
Operator Interface Agent - OIA
MAGIC Agents Structure and Design of MAGIC Agents
Multi-Agent Infrastructure and communication capabilities
MAGIC Off-Line Configuration Process
MAGIC On-Line Diagnostic Process
Process Specification Agent - PSA
Data Acquisition Agent - DAA
MAGIC Diagnostic Agents - DAs
Signal Processing based Diagnostic Agent - SB_DA
Causal Reasoning based Diagnostic Agent - CB_DA
Observer-based Diagnostic Agent - OBS_DA
State Space Diagnostic Agent - SS_DA
Multi Layer Perceptron Neural Network Diagnostic Agent - MLPNN_DA