In the space field, S.A.T.E. developed and applied successfully innovative techniques of knowledge extraction from data, for the diagnosis of spacecrafts and astronaouts biomedical data, during multiple ongoing projects for the European Space Agency (ESA).

Although these techniques have been developed and applied in the space field, their generality make them applicable to any other field, in which a large amount of data is available.

Some of these techniques are implemented in the software product KETTY (Knowledge ExtracTion Tool for TelemetrY)

126C - Autonomous medical monitoring and diagnostics (Contract No. 4000113793/15/F/MOS) - 2015, Apr. -2016, Feb.

124C - Automatic spacecraft status characterisation by data mining mission history (Contract No. 400011224/14/F/MOS) - 2014, Nov.-2015, Nov.

119C - Automatic behaviour detection and interpretation from low level data sets such as telemetry: study and software development. (Contract No. 4000109978/14/D/EF) - 2014, Jan.-2015, Oct.