Modelling and simulation services in the car and transportation field consists mainly in the development of dynamic models and simulation of vehicle systems or components.
Examples of models developed by S.A.T.E. are related to: mechanical dynamics of a vehicle driveline, tyre performance identification, air-conditioning, automatic correction of the vehicle internal temperature based on an indirect measure of the driver effort, and many other basic mathematical models that make up the range of products that can be used in new applications.
Through these activities, in fact, software products are often developed. For example, the dynamic simulator of the vehicle air-conditioning system (CONDIZ4HIL), developed by S.A.T.E. to provide simulation services, was further licenced for non-exclusive use to the primary research centre in India of a worldwide renowned car constructor.

64C - Development of model based techniques as part of traction control in sport cars ECUs - 2006, October - 2007, September.

57C - Simulation of a pneumatic exhaust gas by-pass system for automobile engines by the PNEUMA simulator - 2004, Dec.

55C - Cluthes thermo-mechanical test data analysis and identification of performance degradation models and parameters (Simulation service by CLUTCH and CLUTCH-MECH) - 2004, Mar - Sep.

53C - Development of a dynamic model of clutch mechanics (CLUTCH-MECH) - 2004, Jan. - Apr.

52C - Optimization of the clutch control parameters for automatic gear control, by means of dynamic simulations of thermal behaviour (Simulation service by CLUTCH) - 2003, Sep - Dec.

17C - Supply of various simulators and consultancy for the development, test and diagnostics of new production vehicles - 1998, Aug. - 1999, Dec.

14C - Simulation of a pneumatic depressurised system for automobile engines and supply of turnkey simulator PNEUMA - 1998, Mar. - Jun.