SATE software products, developed mainly in the MATLAB-SIMULINK environment, can be used as stand-alone tools or integrated into complex simulation environments.
Upon request, SATE can customise these products or design new ones to address the customer needs.
User manuals are included (in Italian and English) as well as formative courses, if required, which can be organised at SATEA or at the customer premises.

Calculation of gas - liquid separation process parameters and residence time for two phase separators.

Calculation of Taitel map boundaries for multiphase gas-liquid flows in vertical pipes.

Dynamic simulator of a reciprocating compressor interfaced either with a steady piping system (ideal interface) or with a reacting piping system, analysed with ACUSYS.

Simulation of pressure pulsation in fluid plants. API 618 pressure pulsation analysis. API 674 pressure pulsation analysis. Calculation of shaking forces in piping. Design of pressure pulsation dampeners. FIV - Flow induced vibrations analysis.

Dynamic simulator of car suspension test bench, to optimise the programmed sequence of dynamic motion input at the wheel supports.

A flexible and powerful platform for car prototyping tests and engineering de delivery of logged data.

Post processing tools for the automatic generation of excel based reports of the acquisition sessions and the analys of data acquired by the CANpanion main product.

Tool for the generation of costum configuration profiles for the CANpanion main product.

Reverse dynamic simulator, to derive force-slip relationships (CARPET diagrams) of automotive tyres from prototype road tests.

Satellite Health monitoring by means of Machine Learning

Simulator of a closed cycle diesel engine, with cryogenic liquefaction of exhaust gases.

Tool for clinical laboratory data understanding and knowledge extraction.

Dynamic mechanical-thermal simulator of the clutch system.

Simulation of clutch mechanical behaviour.

Simulation of cold fluid stationary flow inside a pipe immersed in a freezing liquid and calculation of solid (ice) growth profile.

Dynamic simulation of gas compression plants

Dynamic simulation of steam plants


Dynamic simulator of automotive air conditioning systems.

A software for the real time simulation of automotive hvac refrigeration cycles

Simulator of a car engine-clutch-gear-transmission and vehicle dynamics for the design of the automatic gear control.

Calculation of air, combustion products and natural gas pure components and mixtures thermodynamic and transport properties.

A data analysis and signal based system identification tool.

Heat transfer calculation between a pipe and the surrounding conductive solid medium; for grounded pipelines.

A dynamic simulator for single-phase flow in piping & plants.

Knowledge ExtracTion Tool for TelemetrY

A static and dynamic mechanical simulator.

Simulation of a three phase (gas-oil-water) separator for crude oil processing plants.

Coal power plant simulator

Simulator of diesel engines thermodynamic cycle and performances.

Simulation of transient flooding by natural convection of an open end(s) generic pipeline immersed in a fluid different from that initially filled-in.

Simulation of transonic gas dynamics in low pressure gas systems.

Tools for automotive on & off-board diagnostics.

An integrated architecture of hardware and software modules to assist driving

SATE-EDI-WEST - Autonomous integrated diagnostics for predictive onboard fault detection.

Dynamic simulator of gas turbines thermodynamics and mechanics.

A real-time dynamic simulator of full gas turbine plants

A simulation tool for heat exchanges calculation.

Sate offers many services to aid the customers in the electronical design, test and debug phases of data and diagnostic networks within the vehicles.